Screwpile Lighthouse Challenge



“If you’re looking for an awesome regatta and a really fun weekend, sign up for the Screwpile Lighthouse Challenge July 15-17 in Solomons.

This is a CBYRA sanctioned event and managed by Yacht Scoring.
Sign up today!”
“Marlene Plumley of Anne Arundel Dive Services is a sponsor of this event and is giving all JWorld Annapolis teams priority scheduling.”

Day 3 of Preparing to go Offshore

Any of our constituency that knows me personally, knows that I am not only a better talker than writer, also knows that I am pretty horrible writer.  That’s the disclaimer mates.  The World is taking on a little bit of a make over.  As the right side of my brain (KB) explained in the previous post we are pointing our bows towards deep water.  On a personal note, as I simultaneously prepare for the J 80 World Championships, off shore could be my favorite destination that I have been.  Sorry Gustavia, St. Barts, you are really a close second.  In a world that seems to be continuously more connected, I personally find solace in being unconnected.  The brief respite from laptops and cell phones can be very liberating, and also very pure.  Your priorities and focus change immensely.  I remember a conference held by Microsft in the early 90’s based on Bill Gates book Business at the Speed of Thought  suggested  that technology would let us work less and play more.  In my opinion it just allows us to work all of the time.  All that said I am personally committed to taking 6 students offshore, my boss and my insurance agent could not be more thrilled.  For our current crews we have tried to build a program that would provide training in all of the areas of education that Kristen and I feel are necessary to give the grand sensation of  ” I got this”.  In honesty, when you cast off the lines to enter the deep blue, if you do not have butterflies, you simply do not understand what you have signed up to do.

Last weekend we spent time learning a about my current sweetheart, Euro Trash Girl.  No I  will never change the name, I love the name, the song and the owner.  We sailed, we reefed, we did countless COBs (used to be MOBs) with JWA veterans.    Read more

Day 1 of Annapolis Labor Day Regatta


Longtime alumnus, Norm Olson, and a slew of JWA coaches sailed his boat QA 2 to a tie for first on day one of Annapolis Labor Day Regatta.  Below is a breakdown of the race by tactician Kent Bartlett:

Day One of the inaugural Annapolis Yacht Club Labor Day Regatta was challenging.  The tide predictions were way off.  At 1130 it was predicted that the current would be at its maximum sending water out of the bay away from Annapolis when in reality it was flooding and it took two whole races to convince me of that fact.  I thought it was just going to switch late if anything but really it was just going to do the exact opposite of what some scientist thought it was going to do.  In the days leading up to Day One the forecasts said it would be light but the next day the forecasts bumped up a little and that happened every day.  On the morning of Day One the forecasts said 8-10 knots and it was 8-10 knots.  Let’s give those meteorologists a raise. Read more

2015 Newport to Cabo Race


If you are going to be on the left coast next March, you should consider joining our friend at J World San Diego on the Newport to Cabo Race.  Details below:

Come join J World aboard a turboed 50 footer for the West Coast classic Newport to Cabo Race.  In March of 2015, six clients and three J World coaches will crew the legendaryHula Girl down the coast from California to sunny, happy Cabo San Lucas.  If you want to gain valuable offshore experience, or just have a great time racing aboard a grand-prix ULDB sled, this is a rare opportunity.  Everyone aboard gets to take turns at doing everything, including driving.  The environment will be fun, positive, and conducive to learning…  and we’ll of course work hard to achieve a great finish!   Visit the link below, or contact our West Coast office for more info:  800-910-1101
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