Team Building FAQ’s

What should I bring?  

If the weather calls for sunshine and warm temperatures we recommend the following:

  • Sunglasses.
  • Hat with a brim.
  • Sun screen.
  • Shorts or light weight pants (khakis, running/hiking pants)
  • A short sleeved, light colored top, and/or,
  • A light weight, light colored, long sleeved shirt, especially for those with fair or sun sensitive skin.
  • Sneakers or light soled boat shoes are best (dark soles tend leave marks on the boats) but any comfortable, casual shoes are fine.  Shoes to avoid are of course high heels, dress shoes or any made of leather which won’t take well to a splash of water.
  • Cameras are okay, but be advised that neither cameras or cell phones seem to be able to swim.
If there is a chance of rain or cooler weather we recommend bringing a water proof windbreaker and extra fleece or sweater.  We do have extra foul weather available should you need it.  There is plenty of room onboard the boat, so it’s perfectly okay to bring a bag and even some extra clothing.  Often when clouds are in the forecast people bring something dry to change into after the sailing experience.

I have no sailing experience and I’m not exactly a water person.  Can I do this?

Absolutely!  No previous sailing experience is necessary to get the full team sailing experience.  The morning of the program we will teach you all of the skills required to get through the course.  Each boat will have a professional coach onboard to provide instruction and ensure the safety of everyone involved.

Do you have to be in really good shape to be able to sail?  

One of the greatest things about sailing is that everyone, regardless of age or physical ability can enjoy it.  Our boats are equipped with labor saving devices so that people of all levels of strength can control them.  Also, the roles you will be assigned to vary in levels of agility so you and your team can work together to create the best configuration

I am concerned about getting seasick–what are the chances and what can I do to avoid it?  

Seasickness is something that can affect anyone; even the most experienced sailors.  Seasickness happens when the body, inner ear and eyes all send different signals to the brain, resulting in confusion and queasiness.  Your sensory perception gets out of synch as these nerve fibers attempt to compensate for the unfamiliar motion of the ship moving through the water.  It typically affects most people when they are down below or in a cabin when their inner ear senses the motion of waves but their eyes do not see it.  Conditions in Annapolis rarely create large waves and participants do not have to spend anytime below.  While we have had a few participants experience some level of seasickness during our programs over the years, it is quite an exceptional occurrence.  In terms of preventative measures, we recommend avoiding a heavy breakfast and staying hydrated during the day.  For the motion sickness prone there are over the counter medications that can be taken prior to coming to J World.  These medications have been known to cause drowsiness so take that into account when taking the medication.


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