Our Racing Courses are designed to help you excel on the race course in any position on the boat.  Our Introduction to Racing is for intermediate level sailors who are either new to racing or are not yet fluent in each position as a racing crew.  Advanced Racing is designed for experienced racers knowledgeable in all positions onboard including helm and foredeck who are looking to refine skills and knowledge.  Our Racing Courses feature a broad-based curriculum covering racing boathandling as well as race course tactics and strategy.  Onboard instruction includes an orientation to the spinnaker (asymmetric and symmetric) and its use around the race course, crew assignments, sail trim and shape, tacking, gybing, starting drills, and short course racing with instructor’s review. You will rotate among all the positions onboard throughout the week.  Each Friday there is a regatta involving all students enrolled in racing courses.  The course features lectures on upwind/downwind strategy and tactics, starting strategy and tactics, performance sail trim, plus rules fundamentals.

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