Since 1992,  J World Annapolis has been providing the very best in coaching and instruction to new and experienced sailors from around the world.  There are a few things that set JWorld apart from the rest of the sailing education community.  We hope you will come and see how good a sailing school can be.

The J World Approach

J World is proudly known as “the performance sailing school,” where you learn much more than the basics of sailing.  Our instructors are standouts within the sailing instruction community, with years of training and sailing experience.  Their extensive backgrounds allow them to present you with not only the how-to side of sailing, but also the why.

From beginner to racing skipper, students will find that our courses at J World will dramatically increase skill level and confidence onboard.  At J World, we recognize that performance sailing instruction means small classes with low student/coach ratios, and where training is tailored to complement skill and knowledge levels.  We want our students to get the most from their J World experience.

An Ideal Home Port

Annapolis is called the “Sailing Capital of the World” and for good reason.  Not only is the racing scene one of the largest and most competitive in the country, Annapolis’s location also serves as the gateway to some of the best cruising in the country too – the Chesapeake Bay.  Annapolis is also easily accessible, with airports & train stations within 20 miles of the city.  Centuries of history are also carved into Annapolis’ brick-paved streets, Georgian brick mansions, and clapboard row houses.  Numerous fine dining establishments are located within walking distance to J World and serves Chesapeake’s famous steamed crabs, prime rib, and everything in between.

The Best Boats

Our fleet of J Boats provide the ultimate classroom environment.  They are fast, responsive, and a blast to sail, providing you with vital feedback after every adjustment!  Their design allows students to easily transfer their new skills to other boats of any size.

At J World,you will spend up to 6 hours a day on the water.  You’ll learn by doing–more practical experience than any other school offers.

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