Annapolis sailing courses at J World Annapolis offers every sailor the ability to learn, whether you are already an experienced sailor, or new to sailing, that helps you reach your sailing goals.


The easiest way to find out where you fit in with J World Annapolis is to call our office and speak with one of our “sailing goal concierges.” We are truly your personal trainer for your sailing goals.  Below you will find descriptions of our standard offerings, but don’t think for a minute that it stops there. Call us with your dreams — we’ll tell you how we can help make them a reality.

Sailing Fundamentals


Our entry level courses are designed to ensure you get off to a smooth start. First, you will be placed aboard with other students of similar skill and experience levels. You and your fellow classmates will sail the boat from the moment you first leave the dock until you return safely at the end of the day. You will continuously rotate among all positions onboard throughout your course. Your instructor is always at your side presenting the theory and knowledge of sailing fundamentals to you in a practical and easy to understand format. At J World, you will learn not only the how-to of sailing but also the whys and why nots.

Performance Sailing

Our intermediate level courses are designed for sailors familiar with the basics who are looking to expand their skills and confidence and move into either cruising or racing.  We employ such innovative techniques as steering with weight and sails to help you learn the “feel” of sailing.  You will rotate among all the positions onboard throughout your course.  If you were once an active sailor but haven’t been out for a while, one of our Intermediate courses can help you shake the rust off.

Sailboat Racing

Our Racing Courses are designed to help you excel on the race course in any position on the boat.  Our Introduction to Racing is for intermediate level sailors who are either new to racing or are not yet fluent in each position as a racing crew.  Advanced Racing is designed for experienced racers knowledgeable in all positions onboard including helm and foredeck who are looking to refine skills and knowledge.  Our Racing Courses feature a broad-based curriculum covering racing boathandling as well as race course tactics and strategy.  Onboard instruction includes an orientation to the spinnaker (asymmetric and symmetric) and its use around the race course, crew assignments, sail trim and shape, tacking, gybing, starting drills, and short course racing with instructor’s review. You will rotate among all the positions onboard throughout the week.  Each Friday there is a regatta involving all students enrolled in racing courses.  The course features lectures on upwind/downwind strategy and tactics, starting strategy and tactics, performance sail trim, plus rules fundamentals.


Our cruising and liveaboard courses are designed for intermediate level and above sailors wanting to develop or refine skills for skippering larger auxiliary powered cruising boats.  If you are looking for the confidence to bareboat charter or move up to a larger more complex boat, a J World Liveaboard Cruising Course is for you.  Taught aboard our J/37, “Halcyon” with a maximum of four students plus a coach.

Private Instruction

J World provides top-caliber private instruction aboard our boats or yours. If you are interested in private coaching aboard one of our fleet boats or if you are looking for information regarding our professional Race Coaching, please contact us at 800-966-2038.

Having one of our experienced professionals aboard your vessel can be a benefit in many ways.  You spent a lot of money on your boat and sails; isn’t it worth a fraction of that to learn how to use it all correctly and efficiently? The cost for these services is surprisingly low, but the benefits can be tremendous.

You will learn from a sailor who is focused on helping you get the most from your boat, whether you are interested in day sailing, coastal cruising, offshore passagemaking, or racing.

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