Day 3 of Preparing to go Offshore

Any of our constituency that knows me personally, knows that I am not only a better talker than writer, also knows that I am pretty horrible writer.  That’s the disclaimer mates.  The World is taking on a little bit of a make over.  As the right side of my brain (KB) explained in the previous post we are pointing our bows towards deep water.  On a personal note, as I simultaneously prepare for the J 80 World Championships, off shore could be my favorite destination that I have been.  Sorry Gustavia, St. Barts, you are really a close second.  In a world that seems to be continuously more connected, I personally find solace in being unconnected.  The brief respite from laptops and cell phones can be very liberating, and also very pure.  Your priorities and focus change immensely.  I remember a conference held by Microsft in the early 90’s based on Bill Gates book Business at the Speed of Thought  suggested  that technology would let us work less and play more.  In my opinion it just allows us to work all of the time.  All that said I am personally committed to taking 6 students offshore, my boss and my insurance agent could not be more thrilled.  For our current crews we have tried to build a program that would provide training in all of the areas of education that Kristen and I feel are necessary to give the grand sensation of  ” I got this”.  In honesty, when you cast off the lines to enter the deep blue, if you do not have butterflies, you simply do not understand what you have signed up to do.

Last weekend we spent time learning a about my current sweetheart, Euro Trash Girl.  No I  will never change the name, I love the name, the song and the owner.  We sailed, we reefed, we did countless COBs (used to be MOBs) with JWA veterans.   

I warned the reader that I was a bad writer, so if you are critical or bored it is your fault not mine.  Today, we had Mario Vittone, Coast Guard Rescue Swimmer (yes the cats that jump out of helicopters) teach us not only how the Coast Guard would like us to behave but how they think of us.  The discussion covered  a variety of topics ranging from personal safety, boat safety, interaction with a rescue authority, and ultimately how the hell it feels to be in the water and how am I getting in the life raft.  I can tell that our two female participants were the most engaged, they donned survival suits (Gumby Suits), jumped in, climbed aboard the raft and welcomed their male crew members.  Stunning performance Kate and Roxy, happy to have you on board.

We have a great day of training planned tomorrow, I expect my experienced offshore coaches to provide practical application of the World disconnected.  I will gladly and honestly report on the results tomorrow.  I personally thank Mario for a great experience from all of us.  If you are curious about going offshore, you are in the right place.  We are the best and intend to stay that way.


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