Frostbite Racing

snow boat

AYC Frostbite Series Racing:

J World’s Frostbite program is on for 2021/2022, and will compete in the AYC Frostbite Series in Annapolis on six consecutive Sundays starting November 7th.  from 11:00 to 4:00 during the first series.  Each J/80 will have three students and a coach on board.  The six-week series cost will is $695, which includes the rental of foul-weather gear.  Space is limited.

The races are run without spinnakers which allows us to focus on driving, sail trim, and strategy and tactics. Weather permitting there are two races per day and we will rotate positions between races. Between races lunch is available at the yacht club, participants will have to purchase tickets from AYC to enjoy lunch or beverages. Each Sunday before racing we will have a casual discussion about a race relevant topic.

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