Sailing Fundamentals 2-day

Our Sailing Fundamentals two day course is a great primer for the person who wants to discover the exciting sport of sailing or become a more competent and helpful crew without committing to a full-length course.  Taught aboard our fun and sporty J/80’s,  and typically in a Saturday-Sunday format, our curriculum presents key elements of sailing including terminology, steering and basic sail trim.   You will complete this class with the knowledge and confidence to competently crew or steer (under a skipper’s guidance) in protected waters in light to moderate conditions.

Who should take this course?

Everyone!  This course is the best way to get the basic knowledge required to become a capable crew member and discover sailing.  Whether you are new to sailing or returning to the sport, this class gets you started on the right track.


None – we are ready for the complete novice!

What will I learn?

Wind awareness, points of sail, sail trim, boat handling including steering, tacking and gybing, knots, docking and departing, and heaving-to.


The course comes with a certificate of completion from J World Annapolis.  This course is also equivalent to the first two days of our US Sailing Basic Keelboat certification course, which means you could do your Sailing Fundamentals days on Monday and Tuesday during the same week other students are doing their 5 day Basic Keelboat course. Then, you may choose to continue your education by completing the additional 3 training days that same week and get your Basic Keelboat Certification!

How will I spend my time?

This two-day class runs from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm.  One hour classroom time and 13 hours of on the water training.

How do I register?

This class is offered from April 1 to November 1.

Call 410-280-2040 or email for more information or click below to register!

What should I bring?

Comfortable weather appropriate clothing, athletic shoes, and plenty of fluids to stay hydrated.  You can order lunches from our local deli or bring your own!

Price:  $625

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