Annapolis Local Area Boating

J-World Annapolis / Chesapeake Boating Club

Local Sailing and Power Boating – Annapolis Harbor/Severn River/Chesapeake Bay

(Non-certification seminar)

This 2-hour (+/-) online seminar will discuss topics of interest to all local sailors and power boaters, whether new or with years of experience.  Topics covered include local navigation and orientation, buoys and daymarks , basic seamanship and knowledge, hints for exploring locally, as well as hazards to be aware of and avoid.  We will discuss Rules of the Road (and how to avoid the many boaters who don’t know the rules), marine weather, storm avoidance and tactics, as well as self-reliance in dealing with the common challenges of boating and life on the water.

This seminar is interactive, and those with “sea stories” are encouraged to share their wisdom and experience with boaters who are new to the area.  J World and The Chesapeake Boating Club are strongly committed to helping its members become more independent, skillful and knowledgeable on the water.


There are no prerequisites. Newer boaters and CBC members are especially encouraged to attend.

Refer to calendar for seminar dates and pricing.

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