Principles of Seamanship & Radio Communications – Online Seminar

Explore two important nautical subjects in this two-hour online seminar:

Part I:  Principles of Seamanship

This seminar will provide you with some of the basic principles of seamanship that every boater should know.  Topics will include weather and area conditions, safety equipment, knots and lines, docking, securing a boat, anchoring, towing, running aground and getting off, and avoiding collisions. We’ll also cover safety procedures, including handling heavy weather and person overboard rescue.  You’ll finish this seminar with a greater knowledge and confidence in safely handling a boat out on the water.

Part II: Basic VHF Radio: Knowledge and Operation

The VHF radio is one of the most important safety items we have on our boats.  This short seminar will help you understand and confidently use this important communication tool.  We will cover VHF radio strengths and limitations, basic radio controls, proper channel usage, various routine and distress calls, use of the USCG Rescue 21 system, digital selective calling (DSC), proper radio language and etiquette, and more.

None currently scheduled. Please check with the office for possible future dates for this seminar.

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