We selected the J/80 as our principal training boat for a multitude of reasons.

The J/80 was rated the easiest to handle, least intimidating, safest and best suited for offshore sailing compared to other boats in her class by Sailing World Magazine during Boat of the Year testing.

With a 48% ballast/displacement ratio, the J/80 is incredibly stable. In layman’s terms, this means that, of the boat’s 2900 pounds of total weight, approximately 1400 pounds is made up of lead ballast at the bottom of a 5 foot deep keel. This also makes the boat quite forgiving even in big breeze. In fact, it means the boat is impossible to capsize and quick to recover from a broach or other inadvertant manuever. We feel confident taking beginning students out on our boats in even the breeziest conditions.

This doesn’t mean that the J/80 is a one trick pony. With its high sail area to displacement ratio (lots of horsepower) the J/80 is quick and lively, even in light air. In the Chesapeake Bay, the prevailing winds in the summer are relatively light (a seabreeze of 8-12 knots occurs like clockwork all summer long), and the J/80 is well suited to them. With its tall rig, generous sail plan, and asymmetric spinnaker, our teaching platform allows us to effectively run courses in as little as 3 knots of wind.

The J/80 is also comfortable, featuring a 12 foot long cockpit and high boom. This gives us plenty of elbow room, even with a full capacity of four students and one instructor. Although space below is sparse, there is plenty of room to store sailing gear bags and a cooler for lunches and cold drinks.

One of the most important reasons for choosing the J/80 is the fun factor! The boat is incredibly responsive and handles like a dream. We compare the J/80 to the BMW of the sailing world. Through high end parts and construction, we get a performance machine that keeps our students coming back for more.

Don’t just take our word for it, come and experience the J/80 for yourself!


Cruising Boats

We use Chesapeake Boating Club cruisers as the primary training boats for our cruising courses.

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