Chesapeake Boating Club adds new membership benefits for 2017

Exciting things are happening at J/World and the Chesapeake Boating Club!

In 2016 Chesapeake Boating Club acquired J/World  sailing school, at J Port. Although we have shared this location for over 20 years, we previously operated as separate companies. This merger will add additional value and benefits to your club membership. J World is a nationally recognized sailing school that teaches all levels of boating from beginning safe boater courses to offshore passage making. The Boating Club’s acquisition provides all members with the following new benefits for the 2017 season.

  • FREE 3 hour tune up session 
  • 20% off all standard courses
  • Ability to sit in on any morning lectures
  • Free social/chalk talk on the third Saturday of every month (March-September)
  • Ability to participate on any of the offsite adventure travel events.


The merger has created the following portfolio of offerings:


Instruction –  Sail and Powerboat – on our boat or   


Boat Sharing – Annual memberships for Sail and Power – Better than owning.   


Sailing Excursions –  Captained 3 hour outings for up to 20 passengers – perfect for   


Dockside Accommodations – Spend the night afloat on Sojourner instead of in a hotel.   


Adventure Travel – Regattas and cruising adventures on the bay and beyond.   



Membership options include unlimited use for 12 months; for less than the cost of a slip and insurance.


Sail 1 or Power 1 Mid Week: $2,090.00 plus tax.     Smaller runabouts and day sailors 

Sail 1 or Power 1: $2,900.00 plus tax

Sail 2 or Power 2 Mid Week: $4,400.00 plus tax     Larger overnight cruisers + level 1 boats

Sail 2 or Power 2: $6,400.00 plus tax

Please inquire about combo membership pricing.


Stop dreaming – start boating !

Let us know how we can help you get out on the water today.


The J/Port Crew

410-280-8692    Boating Club

410-280-2040    J/World

Winter Seminar Schedule

Learning in our "Living Classroom"
Learning in our “Living Classroom”

Below you find the seminars we have scheduled for the winter.

J World Annapolis

Seminar Schedule for 2016-17

**click on the dates below for course details and registration

Sat/Sun Dec 3-4, 2016 Coastal Navigation

Sat/Sun Jan 14-15, 2017 Coastal Navigation

Saturday Feb 18-19, 2017 Coastal Navigation

Saturday Mar 4, 2017 Sail Trim & Balance

Saturday Mar 11-12, 2017 Coastal Navigation

Sat/Sun Mar 18 2017 Racing Rules Seminar

Screwpile Lighthouse Challenge



“If you’re looking for an awesome regatta and a really fun weekend, sign up for the Screwpile Lighthouse Challenge July 15-17 in Solomons.

This is a CBYRA sanctioned event and managed by Yacht Scoring.
Sign up today!”
“Marlene Plumley of Anne Arundel Dive Services is a sponsor of this event and is giving all JWorld Annapolis teams priority scheduling.”

Offshore Yacht Racing Seminar from J World West

Our partners on the west coast have a unique opportunity coming in October, see below.

Berths available for our 2015 Offshore Yacht Racing Seminar, October 1-7, 2015.  This is an advanced seven day offshore racing course which includes three days of training in San Francisco, then a 500 mile offshore passage in race mode from San Francisco to San Diego.  While similar in topics to our renowned offshore special events (Transpac, Pacific Cup, Cabo Race, SD to PV Race, etc.), the non-race environment affords us more class time and instructional opportunities.  You really want to learn the ropes of offshore racing?  This is it.
The course is conducted aboard our turboed 50 footer Hula Girl, and participants will learn all about racing complex boats in ocean events.  The small number of students (no more than 6) backed by three J World coaches means that everyone gets a tremendous amount of hands-on experience and personal attention.  There is no other program like this anywhere in the world.   We have limited space in this event.  Visit here for more info on the 2015 Offshore Yacht Racing Seminar, or contact us for the team brief.


Sailing Education Partnership

Cruise Annapolis and J World Annapolis announce their partnership designed to provide the best sailing education on the best charter fleet in Annapolis, Bahamas and beyond.

August 3, 2015 (Annapolis, MD) – Cruise Annapolis, a boutique charter management company, and J World Annapolis, the premier Annapolis sailing school, announced a partnership to conduct sailing training on-board their extensive line-up of new sailing yachts from Jeanneau and catamarans from Fountaine Pajot. Read more

Update from our friends on the left coast


The Unbearable Lightness of Sailing (in the 2015 Transpac)…

And we are off in the 2015 Transpac Race from LA to Hawaii! J/World’s Hula Girl got a nice start a couple of boatlengths down from the committee boat, with a wide lane and good speed. The beat to Catalina Island was pretty much normal, although maybe a bit lighter than usual. We had a nice 10 knots, and carried our heavy #1 jib all the way. For a while it looked like we might lay the island, but it ended up taking a couple tacks to get around the West End. Then we were off on the starboard tack drag race, pushing out to sea, through the last of the Channel islands and into the beautiful Pacific.. The breeze held wonderfully through the night, and we had a fantastic sail…. but in the morning, well, it was a different story. The Pacific is certainly living up to her name. We knew it was going to get light. Everyone out here did. So it was absolutely no surprise as the breeze tapered off and left us struggling to nurse every once of power, every drop of speed, from our sails and our boats. It’s now late Friday night (well, early Saturday morning), and it has been a tough day. The unstable, light, shifty breeze has taken a consistently high level of attention and focus. I have always argued that it is tougher to sail a boat efficiently when it is light than when it is heavy. then throw in an ocean swell that is coming from an entirely different direction than the wind, and well, you have a bit of a challenge on your hands. What little breeze there is seems to always come straight from where we want to go, straight from Hawaii. and so we try to play the huge shifts to make any progress at all towards the islands, but our tacking angles in these light breezes are huge, and the tacks are slow and painful. Regardless, the crew has been doing a great job in these challenging conditions. It’s a new boat (to them), a new team, a new event, and, well, even a new ocean for most of them! So while it isn’t your typical Transpac so far, we are pretty much rolling with it and we’ll see what shakes out. Still have over 2000 miles to go! There is the tropical storm Dolores pushing up form the south, and then the typical tradewind flow that should try to develop again, well, hopefully before this race ends, so who knows where the breeze will be, and when it will get here? We all have our guesses, I am sure, and it will be interesting to see everyone’s position tomorrow morning after this instability has shuffled up the fleet. I would expect there to be a pretty big spread in things…. Life onboard is good. We have seen whales and dolphins, little jellyfish and lots of nice blue water. Had to back down in the middle of the night when we landed on a kelp island in an apparent attempt by the on-watch crew to claim it for King and Country. I am glad I have hidden/rationed much of the snack food onboard since everyone just grazes when it gets light. It’s dark out tonight, clouds covering the sky and soaking up what little light there is…. and while it sure makes the phosphorescence in the water something wild, it also makes the sailing really, really tough. Anyway, that’s it for now… our preliminary report for this running of the Transpac, Stay tuned for more! Wayne Zittel and the Hulagains J/World’s Hula Girl

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