What’s in my sea bag?

Welcome to the first installment of “What’s in my sea bag?”  We are going to share with you what kind of things we would pack depending on what kind of trip and the location.  First up is Carole who is a repeat offender when it comes to cruising in the Caribbean, (also a master provisioner).  So Carole, What’s in the bag?


Carole Jordan Co-Director
Carole Jordan

Carole’s Sea Bag for a warm weather Flotilla:

  • Bathing Suits (2)

  • Shorts – 4

  • T-shirts – 4

  • Sundress for ladies

  • Capris or long pants for evening

  • Long sleeve shirts for sun protection

  • Underwear – wash out and dry easily

  • Light Fleece or Sweatshirt

  • Light Rain Jacket

  • Flip flops

  • Sailing shoes, closed toe

  • Sailing gloves

  • Sun hat or ball cap with hat clip

  • Small knapsack or fanny pack

  • Sunglasses with croakie

  • Camera

  • Suncreen

  • Lip balm

  • Car charger for phone

  • Snorkel and mask (personal choice)

  • Book to read….???

  • Passport (copy in luggage)

  • Personal items, medications, toiletries

  • Bar of soap

  • Big water bottle to refill from gallon jugs

All in medium soft duffel bag, so it can be collapsed and stored easily

NO shavers, hair dryers, curling irons.

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