Why J World?

When planning a teambuilding event on the water, you have many choices. Choosing J World puts your team ahead of the rest.

Why Sailing?

Sailing offers a unique environment to focus on a wide array of team building scenarios and individual personal development. By its very nature, the sport of sailing and the experiences our clients have on the water, offer opportunities for them to create better team relationships, improve team dynamics and develop team problem solving skills.

The Individual: Successful teams are dependent on effective team members and the development of leadership competencies. Confidence building of individual team members contributes to the overall confidence and achievement of the team as a whole.

The Team: Teams must have a solid foundation of trust and communication to be able to set priorities and achieve positive outcomes. Helping team members to be open and receptive to positive feedback and guiding them to establish clear goals and objectives, our coaches encourage team building and problem solving.

J World has been rated the top sailing school in the country by Practical Sailor magazine 8 years running. Our expertise in the field of sailing education directly impacts your teambuilding experience.

Hands-on participation.

During a J World program, we get your team actively sailing and taking the lead right out of the gate. Our coaches are there to serve as mentors, not to sail for you. With four participants per boat, everyone participates and experiences all positions on the boat.
Our programs are designed to encourage interaction and self-sufficiency. After a period of instruction, each group will be able to take on the program’s challenges with constructive input from our coaches. This means each team determines the focus of their experience and their achievements as a team.

Experienced Coaching.

In a teambuilding event, coaches can make or break the program. Our experienced coaches
are the best in the business. Perhaps more importantly, they come from many walks of life and bring more to the table in terms of life experiences outside of just sailing. Among
our coaches we include a former plant manager for Pepcon, an independent consultant for the World Bank, and a former lobbyist of the Audubon Society.

Better boats.

In terms of a sailing experience, our J80s are 26-foot sport boats are designed to deliver
exhilarating performance while keeping our participants safe. Against any performance benchmark, our boats will far outpace the competition.

The Most Teambuilding Experience.

J World has run hundreds of teambuilding events in the last 5 years at our Annapolis location. Our past clients include Exxon Mobil, Discovery Communications, 3M, AOL, & Willkie Farr
& Gallagher LLP, to name a few.

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