Update From Student Yachting World Cup

Proof that in a long regatta you are never out – even if you are feeling down.  Coaching Tihansky’s note to the team back home is full of lessons for the rest of us…

After yesterday’s difficulties, there were a couple of key areas Team USNA/USA needed to work on to get back on track.

Last night after dinner, we had a good debrief where all aspects of the day’s racing were analyzed including pre-race data gathering and strategic decision making, boat/trim setup and stuff to keep eyes on during the race.
The effort paid off for the two races today where our team scored two 3rd places to move up into 2nd place overall.  The RC opted to start the day with a coastal race which was approx 13 miles in length.  It started with a 6 mile beat in 18-22 kts in rain and patchy fog.  Our guys got off to a good start and found their speed again to be challenging for the lead with the first place French Team (Kedge BS/EuroMed) at the weather mark. They were briefly in first having rolled over the French and forcing them to tack.  
The lead was short lived though as the French got back ahead and stretched in the 6 mile run back to the finish just outside Pornic Harbor.  The English and Scots were close behind at the top mark and split downwind.  The pressure was better for the English while we opted to cover the Scots and they passed us to get 2nd.  It was a solid race regardless and I could see the confidence return to our team.
Many boats suffered spinnaker damage and the boat supplier doesn’t have much in the way of spares.  As such, the RC opted to run the second race non-spinnaker in about 22 kts of wind that had shifted to the west and exposed the race course to the open ocean waves (5-7 feet).  We didn’t get a great start but quickly cleared out on the first beat of the 3 lap W/L course.  We rounded the top mark around 7th but the crew had worked hard on wing and wing technique which paid off as they surged up to 3rd at the leeward mark.  They continued in this position for the remainder of the race as the slippery French team won again and the defending Irish team took second…  
It was nice to see the team going well again as well as making good decisions and showing patience.  Their consistency is being rewarded with their second place position. However, the regatta is less than half over and lots of racing to go.  Yes, it will be hard to overcome the dominance of the Kedge BS/EuroMed French team, but you never know.  
Forecast for tomorrow is for lighter SW breeze and thankfully little chance of precip.
Hope all is well back on the Severn and will report again tomorrow.
Bon soir,
Coach T”
Honest but positive – true JWorld Style.  We all have loads to learn from Coach Tihansky and the USNA Team. Leads are fleeting, never rest on your success, good enough – is neither.  With room to gain this is time to look forward, but keeping the competition in your mind (and rearview mirror) is what it will take to keep second and possibly gain first.  We hope the USNA’s time at JWorld is paying dividends and can’t wait to debrief them on their return.  Performance sailing at its best.  Lifelong learning – and real life applicability – showcased like no other sport can!  Is this better than the America’s Cup?

Provisional ranking after protests :
1- FRA, 7 points
2- USA, 24 points
3- SCO, 29 points
4- AUS, 31 points
5- DEF, 33 points
6- BEL, 33 points
7- SUI, 33 points
8- ENG, 41 points
9- IRL, 44 points
10- GER, 63 points
11- FRAX, 64 points
12- NOR, 69 points
13- JPN, 83 points
14- CHN, 85 points

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