ARC Bahamas Journal pt. 5

ARC – Euro Trash Girl (Part 5)

I really gained a lot of valuable sailing/cruising knowledge on this trip, perhaps even more than I had expected. The formal “US Sailing Certified” sailing courses that I’ve attended so far have all been taught by JWorld Annapolis, they include 6 Day Basic Keel Boat, Basic Cruising and Coastal Navigation. They have terrific equipment and more importantly a team of professional instructors who really know how to teach the art of sailing. The additional skills that I learned during this blue water passage from JWorld’s Director/Captain Jeff and Captain Tony is priceless. Like all of the previous courses I took these two captains provided instruction in a clear and comprehensive way while always maintaining a relaxed environment! Read more

ARC Bahamas Journal pt. 4

ARC – S/V Euro Trash Girl (Part 4)

Why did I choose to join this blue water adventure on a 40 foot J120 with seven other people that I knew nothing about? Quite simply, I needed to find out for myself what it honestly takes to sail 24/7 for an extended period of time on the open ocean!

From the time the race committee sounded the horn our excitement levels grew. We trimmed for the course somewhere between beam/broad reach. Heading towards and through the Gulf Stream we would remain on a starboard tack and this is true for most of this trip. As we lost sight of land so went our cell signal. When I powered down my cell phone I knew it meant no family contact for the remainder of the journey. No cell phone?!….this in itself would prove to be therapeutic!
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ARC Bahamas Journal pt. 2


ARC – S/V Euro Trash Girl (Part 2 The Long Wait)

Ocean Marine Yacht Center located in Portsmouth Virginia is where S/V Euro Trash Girl would spend the next few nights tied up. Our 2 Captains, Jeff and Tony, remained at the marina after we docked to meet with ARC officials. The rest of the crew enjoyed a warm summer like stroll towards our hotel along the rivers bulk head, it was a beautiful day. Of course being the good sailors that we are we decided to delay checking into our rooms and grabbed seats at the bar! After a couple hours of wondering what happened to our skippers….in they walk looking exhausted and in need of a cocktail(s)! They said they had a short list of items to tend to in order to pass the ARC safety requirements, most were easy fixes such as adding a 6 foot length of line to our bucket! The most time sensitive item was replacing our LifeSling because there wasn’t a date of manufacture/inspection on it, our new unit would be overnighted to the marina! ALL issues resolved! Read more

J World to enter the 34th Solomons Island Invitational Race

Racing down the bay, it's a beautiful thing.
Racing down the bay, it’s a beautiful thing.

Almost nothing gets the staff of J World Annapolis more excited than acquiring new boats and getting to test them out.  As you may have heard we have acquired the J 120, Euro Trash Girl.  Though she has done the race many times, never with J World.  The race offers some great competition, night sailing and legendary morning pool party.

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