J World Annapolis Points the Bow Towards The Ocean

Our friend Andy Schell who has helped us to become the World Cruising Club’s official training partner, encouraged us to join the ARC Bahamas Rally and is a major contributor to the global ocean sailing discussion writes a really cool blog that you should check out at http://59-north.com.  59º North Ocean Sailing is a blog filled with Offshore sailing articles by your favorite writers. Plus events, seminars, gear, books, charts & podcasts. Hosted by Andy Schell.  Not too long ago, all of the sailors in the world were at sea – and needing to fill a little air time, Andy took the time to Skype us from Sweden and conduct an interview.

It should come as no surprise to anyone who has heard me speak that I went on and on about myself without saying much – but if you’ve got nothing better to do, you might grab a glass of wine and have a listen.  Better make that a bottle.

Kristen Berry is one of the directors at J/World Annapolis sailing school. Andy chatted with him in early August about his racing and cruising career, his transition into professional sailing from managing political campaigns (you’d be surprised at the similarities), his thoughts on what racers can learn from cruisers (and vice versa) and how he creates successful trainig programs at J/World and manages successful ocean racing campaigns. J/World Annapolis is now the Official Training Partner of World Cruising Club USA, and are hosting their first Ocean ‘OPS’ course on September 22-23. The Ocean Preparedness Seminar will be a hands-on weekend learning safety and emergency management specific to ocean sailing. Check them out at jworldannapolis.com.

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