Join Us For Strategy and Tactics Discussion December 1st!

While frostbite racing isn’t for everyone, the winter is no time to stop thinking about sailing.  For racers, the cold months are a great time to join J World for one of our winter lectures include Strategy and Tactics.  J World Annapolis will be presenting our unique and engaging Strategy and Tactics Seminar December 1, 2012 from 0900 to 1600.

New and old sailors, high school racers, casual beer can PHRF warriors and one design champions can all benefit from a day of discussing the difference between strategy and tactics, ladder rung theory, five elements of a perfect start, the zen of winning downwind and much more.   In this seminar we’ll discuss how wind velocity and angle along with waves and current make up the strategic “toolbox” that separate the winners from the trailing pack. Space is limited for the December 1st class.  Contact the office today to register.

Consider these three questions:

    1. The wind is blowing 5kts across the left side of the course and slightly stronger on the right – maybe 8kts.  On the left, we’ve discovered a slight 5 degree shift about half way up the course.  Which way should we sail upwind (left/right/middle) in order to get to the windward mark first?
    2. You are sailing on port tack, about 5 boat lengths from the starboard tack lay line, with about 70 boat lengths to go to the windward mark.  A boat tacks directly upwind of you, giving you dirty air.  According to your observations, the wind is shifting into a left phase and a 10 degree left hand shift is eminent – what should you do?
    3. In your pre-start data collection you’ve identified that the 200 meter long starting line has a 5 degree port end bias.  You win the pin, while your closest rival has won the boat end.  How far ahead are you at the start?
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