Crew Training

Whether you are a racer, cruiser or day sailor sometimes the perfect training vehicle is the boat you own.  At J World Annapolis we have the ability to send one of our certified instructors to you for a highly personalized training session on your boat.   Every sailor has room for improvement and whether you are looking to develop new skills, improve you and your crew’s knowledge, learn about your new sails, shakedown/systems, do specific race training, or passage making preparation – we can customize a training session to fit your needs.

Get your crew together for a high value training session on the boat you sail, to maximize your training budget!

Every training session begins with a pre-session evaluation and discussion of your goals, needs and challenge areas.  Based on this pre-session evaluation we will develop a training agenda that meets your needs as well as your time and resource budget.  Give us a call today and start to get more enjoyment out of the boat you already own.

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