National Safe Boating Week

What looks like a perfect day for boating can quickly become hazardous if someone ends up in the water. Boating safety advocates across the United States and Canada have teamed up to promote safe and responsible boating – including consistent life jacket wear every time boaters are  on the water – during National Safe Boating Week, held from May 20-26, 2017.

To stay prepared while boating, review the National On-Water Standards for SAIL, POWER, and HUMAN Domains on our website. Knowledge on these elements may save your life.

Check out the Safe Boating Campaign’s daily tips for this year’s National Safe Boating Week below. Click on the infographic to expand it’s size.
U.S. Coast Guard Statistics show that drowning was the reported cause of death in three-fourths of recreational boating fatalities in 2015, and that 85 percent of those who drowned were not wearing life jackets (source).

New Life Jackets are much more comfortable, cool and lightweight than the bulky orange style most boaters know. Innovative options, such as inflatables, allow for mobility and flexibility during boating activities such as fishing, paddling or hunting. Learn more about Life Jackets on the US Coast Guard’s Website.

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