Covid-19 Update

J World Annapolis Covid-19 Protocols for Courses

In an effort to minimize the risk to COVID19 infection, J World has developed guidelines to reduce the chances of Covid-19 infections to our students and instructors during classes.   We will continue to follow safe practices as they develop. 

We ask all students, instructors and visitors to exercise care and good judgement while on our campus, and to sign a waiver of liability before engaging in any class.

Our Facility:

  • J Port is following best practices for maintaining a safe environment following guidelines from the Maryland DNR.
  • All boats are washed & sanitized prior to use; you are welcome to bring disinfectant wipes for your own use.
  • Restrooms are cleaned & sanitized each day.
  • Indoor offices and classrooms are closed to students.

Our Classes:

  • Coaches & students will practice recommended social distancing whenever possible.
  • Face coverings shall be worn whenever appropriate social distancing is not possible.
  • Morning lectures will be held in our outdoor classroom.
  • For our Sailing Fundamentals, Basic Keelboat and Spinnaker & Raceboat Handling courses, one boat will be exclusively used for the duration of a class.
  • Boats will be cleaned each day, following CDC guidelines and Maryland DNR best practices.
  • Instructors will measure their own temperatures each morning; and we ask students to do the same at home before coming to class. 
  • Students will be given a dedicated PFD and optional full-fingered gloves to be used for the duration of the course.
  • Students and Coaches will sign a waiver each day, indicating that they are not showing any symptoms of COVID19, using CDC Guidelines:

  • Regular hand washing and use of hand sanitizers during the course is requested.
  • We recommend students self-quarantine, or follow strict social distancing, mask wearing, and avoid all risky interactions (bars, indoor restaurants, hair salons, enclosed offices, etc.) for two weeks prior to the course.


CDC Cleaning:

CDC Symptoms:

US Sailing:

Maryland DNR’s Best Practices for Marina (  

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