Week Two – Thursday Night Racing

J World Annapolis Thursday Night Racing is off to a great start!  More than 75 boats are registered for Thursday Night Racing which is taking place on two racing areas this season.  Our supporter, the Eastport Yacht Club, is doing a great job on the water and off by hosting the apres sailing social activity.  Here are last week’s official scores:  Thursday Night J_World Racing_5.16Final

Check out Dave Manheimer’s latest video post from last week’s Thursday Night Racing:


Thursday Night Racing – Series One Week One Scores


Week one is in the books!  Dozens of J/22’s, J/24’s, J/80’s and J/70’s raced in light and shifty breezes last Thursday for the first of 16 weeks of J World Annapolis Thursday Night Racing.  Thanks to the Eastport Yacht Club and J World Annapolis Race Committees for putting on great racing for all fleets!

Due in part to changes to our internal scoring process (two racing circles this year!), a new scoring system (thank you JavaScore!) as well as a number of unregistered participants (no pay, no score) we are publishing scores that are provisional.  We know of several errors and are working to correct them.  We fully expect the final results to be published by Thursday.  Your patience and understanding is appreciated.

Here are the PROVISIONAL scores from week one:  Thursday Night J_World Racing – Series Standing – 3 races scored

You can help!  If you know of a scoring discrepancy, please fill out the ScoringReviewRequest (required this season) and send it to info@jworldannapolis.com or drop it by the office.

J/80 stalwart Brian Robinson submitted the following report from the J/80 course – other fleets are encouraged to submit too!

Thursday Night 5/9/13

Welcome back. Everything is the same as you remember it and also everything is different. JWorld ThursdayNights have started. There is racing, great sailing and a party. However, the J80s now start first and the party has been moved to EYC. 

We had two really nice races with the J80s starting first and the J70s following right after. That was the interesting thing that we have not experienced before, there were boats coming upwind at us before we go to the starting line. We are so used to dodging the J22s and J24s as we approach the leeward mark but having the J70s piling up on the port tack layline was a new experience.

Breeze from about the west at 5-10 (hovering in the 7 range), no chop. There did seem to be a geographic shift to the left as we got closer to the windward mark, or the current was pushing us out or Thom is just that great of a driver. 

Race 1 we started in the middle, closer to the pin side. No real plan other than going left almost always works. Once we were at the layline and clear to tack, we did and ended up reaching into the mark. I think we were somewhere between 3-5 around the top mark. I did a piss poor job of setting the kite, (hey not my job on this boat). Once we got rolling, we pushed out above the pin end, waited for the layline to the leeward mark and gybed. Once we rounded, we continued until we got to the layline for the boat and tacked. It was very very close between us and R80 (Crump) for 1st. Boat was definitely favored at the finish. 

Race 2 was very much like race 1 except that we got off the line with no speed. Mango was holding us from driving down for speed, so it was much tougher and we had to wait longer to get the the layline. Oh well. From there, we got stuck underneath a couple of boats going down to the leeward mark and kinda just sucked it up until we had more clear air. Then we were on the outside of the pin wheel. The pin wheel was made even larger when Puffinator decided to start jousting with Dragonfly. Poor Kyle on Dragonfly never knew what hit him. Again we held until the layline a caught up to a couple of boats.

Party was a EYC, food and drink specials were everywhere and lots of people showed up which is really good. People got to see the new clubhouse and enjoy the view from the deck.

See you Thursday!


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