St. Petersburg NOOD Regatta

One of our favorite training regattas, the St. Pete National Offshore One Design Regatta features exciting class racing and excellent competition.

This five day program in St. Petersburg, Florida features two days of training on Tampa Bay followed by the 3 day regatta. We provide a race ready boat and coach and cover all regatta expenses. Three participants will rotate through each position onboard including helm, trim and bow. Experience level subject to review prior to acceptance of application. Participants must be in excellent physical condition as we will sail hard for 5 straight days!

Arrive in St. Petersburg on Tuesday evening.

 We will train Wednesday and Thursday and then race Friday through Sunday. The program wraps up Sunday afternoon. During the practice days we will focus on sail trim, spinnaker handling, and starting techniques.  Once the regatta begins we will focus on developing a strategy and implement it using tactics and boat handling

Tuition: $1995 per person. Tuition includes boat delivery, setup and dockage, regatta entry,  daily lunch, and entry to regatta parties. You will need to cover transportation, accommodations in St. Pete, meals and entertainment.

Note: Charters may be available for this regatta.

St. Pete NOOD: February 12-16, 2020


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