Racing 5-Day

The first part of your week is spent focusing on refining boat handling, spinnaker work and changing gears.  We move on to starting and boat against boat speed and tactical drills.  We finish the week with a round-the-buoys regatta against your classmates!  Upon completion of this course, you should see a consistent and noticeable improvement in your regatta finish positions and be ready to compete at the next level.

This course is suitable for graduates of our intro to racing course, or individuals who have experience driving a boat in racing situations.  Individuals who have little to no racing driving experience should consider our intro to racing course.  Please call to confirm that this is the right course for you.

Who should take this class?

Anyone interested in learning how to race better should consider taking this course.  It is especially useful for entire racing teams looking to take their programs to the next level.  We suggest that incoming students have a US Sailing Basic Keelboat certification or have significant racing experience.  The difference between our introduction to racing course and our advanced race course is less about curriculum and more about expectation of what students know when they arrive.


None, but we recommend anyone considering this course should have completed a J World Basic Keelboat course or have significant racing experience.  Call us to discuss your sailing resume and find out if this class is right for you.

What will I learn?

Advanced racing illuminates racing sail trim and balance, upwind strategy and tactics, starting strategy and tactics, downwind strategy and tactics and the racing rules.  This course is equal parts structured curriculum and personal training.  Call us with your goals and ambitions.  We’ll develop a program that delivers.


Students will receive a J World Annapolis certificate of completion.

How will I spend my time?

This five day class runs from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm from Monday through Friday.  From the beginning of May through the end of August, students are encouraged to join us on Thursday nights for our weekly Thursday Night Racing.

How do I register?

The course is offered in April, May, June, and July, check the calendar for specific dates.  Call or email us to register now!

What should I bring?

Comfortable weather appropriate clothing, athletic shoes, and plenty of fluids to stay hydrated.  Lunch can be ordered from us or bring your own!  If you need anything else, give us a call and we can help.

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