The importance of layering.

After reading Kristen’s inspiring “What’s in my sea bag?”, long time industry partner Jerry Richards sent us this article as a follow up.  Enjoy.

What to Wear

Protecting The Power Within

Making it Your Advantage


How Important Is What You Wear?

As long as conditions are safe, rough weather should not keep you from going racing. Rough weather days can be the most enjoyable and certainly the most memorable. However, poor quality clothing and out of date fabrics can ruin the day for racers of all ages especially the novice. Read more

What’s in my sea bag? Part III

Welcome to the third installment of “What’s in my sea bag?”  We are going to share with you what kind of things we would pack depending on what kind of trip and the location.  Up next, Kristen Berry.  As many of you know, Kristen and I share one brain, so I am looking forward to finding out what I should take to Key West.   So Kristen, What’s in the bag?


January is a funny time of year for me. I get excited to head to points south for J World Annapolis winter programs like Key West Race Week, St. Pete NOOD, and the BVI Alumni Flotilla, but inevitably some “arctic vortex” turns my palm tree paradise into a reptile freezer. Read more

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