Annapolis Triple Crown Trophy


 Come racing and raise some money!

This year in an effort to support some really great charities, J World and the Chesapeake Boating Club are entering our J 105 Calypso Spell in the triple crown series. The good news is that we are looking for crew. We are offering each event as a course, which will be an evening practice session, the race, crew jersey, entrance into post race celebration. There will be 4 crew spots available for each regatta. The cost of the course is $545, proceeds going to the charity sponsoring each regatta. So if you like to do some big boat racing and raise money for some great charities register now!(when registering please specify which regatta want to participate in).

 About Triple Crown Trophy   

The Weems & Plath Triple Crown Trophy for Charity Sailing was created in 2018 to recognize the top sailor and fundraiser for The CRAB Cup, The Leukemia Cup, and The Hospice Cup races.


Skippers must compete in all three races in order to be eligible to win the Triple Crown Trophy.  The races are as follows:


June 2nd: Annapolis Leukemia Cup Regatta,


August 18th: The CRAB Cup,


September 15th: The Hospice Cup,


The calculation for the winner shall be the order of finish in each race and the amount of funds raised for each race.  The amount of funds raised shall be given a higher multiplier (1.5) in the calculations. 


The skipper with best score in the three races and highest fundraising will be awarded the Weems & Plath Triple Crown Trophy for Charity Sailing in October at a public event hosted by the three non-profits and Weems & Plath.  The trophy will be on permanent display in a public venue to be determined.  The winning skipper will receive a “keeper” trophy as well.


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Annapolis NOODs award ceremony.

Congratulations to all the J/World coaches for a job well done while sailing with clients in this past weekend’s NOOD regatta. We were pretty well represented across a number of fleets!

Congratulations and thanks to the crews as well

Jeff Jordan–1st place J/80, Dan Wittig–1st  place  J/111, Emily Decker–3rd J/105,

Mike Hobson–5th J/80, Kristen Berry–10th J/80,Ian Moriarity–10th J/70,  Shannon Lockwood–10th J 70,

Dave Manheimer –J/80,  Channing Houston–J/80,   Steve Vincent–J/80.

Click here for Complete results     

Want to race with these guys?

Join us as crew on our J/105  for The Leukemia Cup and Triple Crown charity Race Series.

Featuring these 3 great fundraising races:

Leukemia Cup–>Saturday, June 2nd

Crab Cup–>Saturday, August 18th

Hospice Cup–>Saturday, September 15th

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Battling Old Man Winter


J World Annapolis Winter Update

The winter months often bring dismay to many sailors across the country. Before becoming a full time sailing coach I can recall experiencing withdrawal and seasonal affective disorder between the months of  November and April. The lack of vitamin D, physical activity, and yachty karate can be unbearable at times. So what does J World Annapolis do all winter?



Frostbite racing, hosted by Annapolis Yacht Club, satiates our sailing cravings for November and early December. This year we had three teams participate on board our J80s. Each day started with a thorough discussion on the conditions, goals, and expectations. We would often find a few points to focus on while racing, usually based on lessons learned the week before. We would leave the dock, spend about an hour practicing before the first race, and gather our strategy for the start. The Frostbite series consists two races each Sunday. With a non-spinnaker format, point to point racing, and a warm lunch between races it offers a more laid back gate way into racing. By removing the often commanding boat handling required by the spinnaker it allows for more focus on down wind sailing angles, strategy, and tactics. For some this is a nice conclusion to the sailing season, for us it is just the start of a new one.

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Courageous: Turner’s Quest for America’s Cup Glory

Got America’s Cup fever? Check out this documentary of Ted Turner, media mogul, in his quest for America’s Cup glory.


Here’s the film summary from
After his first experience in 1974 as skipper of Mariner did not go well, Turner acquired the 1974 America’s Cup winning 12 Meter, Courageous, in 1977 for his second attempt at the America’s Cup.

At the time Turner was a new owner of the Atlanta Braves which was consistently at the bottom of the standings in major league baseball. But Turner was always the optimist. When asked how he liked losing all the time, he said, “We are not losing, we are just learning how to win.” True to his word Turner, won the 1977 America’s Cup match, and the Braves went on to win the World Series.

NBC’s new documentary takes you on an amazing journey to witness Turner’s quest to over-come adversity and become a champion. There is a lot to be learned from this inspiring film for athletes in any sport, and for all business entrepreneurs. Hard work, a loyal team, and persis-tence pays off.

Turner launched the Cable News Network just three years after his America’s Cup victory and went on to become one of the most successful business visionaries in American history, and eventually became an important philanthropist and environmentalist.

The story is told with clarity and portrays the emotional roller coaster ride these athletes had to endure before winning at their beloved sport.

The interviewees in the film include baseball Hall of Famer Hank Aaron, Braves CEO Terry McGuirk, and many of Turner’s sailing crew including Gary Jobson and Robbie Doyle.

Spinlock creates custom lifejacket for toughest race on water

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Spinlock will be an official race supplier to the Volvo Ocean Race, after designing a unique and custom lifejacket for the 2017-18 edition. The link-up is part of a Technical Partnership Scheme which has seen the Race work closely with the sailing and marine industry leaders to develop new and innovative products capable of withstanding the toughest conditions on the planet.  Read more

The summer solstice is upon us: 7 things to know about the longest day of the year

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Why do we have a summer solstice, anyway?

The summer solstice is upon us: June 20th and the 21st will be the longest days of 2017 for anyone living north of the equator. If pagan rituals are your thing, this is probably a big moment for you. If not, the solstice is still pretty neat.

Technically speaking, the summer solstice occurs when the sun is directly overhead the Tropic of Cancer, or 23.5° north latitude. In 2017, this will occur at exactly 12:24 am (Eastern) on the 21st. (But we can celebrate on either day.)

Below is a short scientific guide to the longest day of the year (though not, as we’ll see, the longest day in Earth’s history — that happened back in 1912).

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Preparing for Success

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Joel Ronning’s Catapult (USA) took top honors at the 2016 Alcatel J/70 World Championship, beating a field of 68 boats on San Francisco Bay. Preparation was key to their success, as the investment in crew (John Kostecki, Chris Stocke and Patrick Wilson), training, and coach support (Grant “Fuzz” Spanhake) was at a level few teams could match.

In a report by Wilson for the J/70 class, we provide some of the team’s winning tips that are relevant for most boat types.

I am going to discuss a few important topics on boat preparation, as well as the process my team and I go through on our boat Catapult prior to the first race of each day. As with many things in sailing, there is no absolute right or wrong way to prepare for a regatta. The key is finding a routine that works best for you and your team.

Sailing is a complex and complicated sport that involves countless variables both in and out of your control. Whether you are competing in your local weekend event or a major international regatta, planning and preparation can be used to give yourselves the best opportunity for success.

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From the committee boat, TNR action!

Thanks to J World Alumni Craig Savageau for putting together a video of his Thursday Night Racing race committee experience! We always love to get pictures, video, and feedback from current and former students. Check out some cool shots from the race committee boat over at the J/70 and J/80 racecourse (featuring some J World students in action!).

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