Be honest but find the positive.


The number 70 has been floating around my head quite a bit lately.  I recently competed in the J/70 North American Championship and competed with 70 Sunfish sailors at the 43rd Sunfish World Championship.  Nothing like highly competitive racing drives home the lessons and axioms of sailboat racing.

Both events served me with heaping spoonfuls of humble pie.  While I wasn’t satisfied with my finish score in any of the events I had fun at both and through this blog will use the lessons learned to make each event beneficial to my sailing – and maybe yours.  Over the coming weeks I’ll be sharing my thoughts, memories and lessons learned 

I am going to talk honestly about my racing – but positively.  In fact, I think that it might be the most important lesson from the last two events.  You can’t win them all (or even most of them) and if you are going to continue to keep learning and eventually do your best – you have to stay positive.  The blog will serve as my means of honestly looking at where my team or I did not execute at the level I want, discuss what can be learned and talk about what we are going to do about it.

Stay tuned for 69 more lessons that will hopefully get all of us around the race course a little faster.

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