Cruising Boat Handling

Our cruising boat handling class is designed to take the tension out of the most high stress of all maneuvers: docking a large cruising sailboat.  We’ll spend a full weekend maneuvering our J37 or J120 near docks and in confined quarters.  This is a great course for anyone who’s about to embark on a bareboat chartering trip, or for someone who’s even a little nervous about docking their own boat.

The curriculum for this class includes a review of boat systems, planning for and executing dock exits and approaches, handling a large sailing vessel under sail and power in close quarters, utilizing special docking and maneuvering techniques like the back and fill and using a dock line as a warp, picking up mooring balls, and maybe even a little sailing!

This class is a weekend, non-liveaboard class, and is offered on a limited basis throughout our season.

Price:  $635


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