Bareboat Cruising/5-Day Liveaboard

Our 5 day liveaboard course works deeper into the theory and practice of larger boat cruising and allows for a more extended cruise plan.  In addition to the topics taught in our 3 day course, you will work on electronic and night navigation, current set and drift calculations, radio communication protocol, jury rigs, advanced anchoring techniques under sail and power, going aloft, advanced cruise planning and advanced piloting.  Conducted during the week and spread over 5 days, we typically have the Chesapeake to ourselves and often experience a wider range of weather conditions.  Complete this course with the qualifications, skill and confidence to safely sail a similar sized boat in moderate to strong wind and seas, and limited visibility.

To gain the US Sailing Bareboat Cruising Certification you must have a US Sailing Basic Keelboat and US Sailing Basic Cruising certification.  If you do not have the Basic Keelboat and Basic Cruising certifications you may still take the course, some sailors are not of a certification track but are interested in the knowledge and experience that is gained by taking this course.  You should have the ability to confidently sail a boat on your own with a complete understanding of fundamental sailing theory.  The course is suitable for graduates of our Learn to Sail courses, our Performance Cruising course, as well as anyone with US Sailing Basic Keelboat and Basic Cruising Certification.  Note the US Sailing Bareboat Certificate is the prerequisite for the International Proficiency Certificate.


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