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Local Weather Prediction


I was having a conversation with two long time clients, Dan and Lynn last Thursday about local weather prediction and the variety of websites and apps available.  I have been an avid user of Wundermap by Weather Underground for years.  With a little tweaking you can get the radar not only to show you direction but an incredibly accurate timing prediction.  The storm tracking cones are divided into twenty minute segments making it very easy to make an accurate ETA of a storm.  They also support the site with some good explanations and definitions (ask Channing about the importance of the vil numbers).  I had been under the impression the Weather Underground did not have an app yet and had been using a very good radar app called Raindar, it had all of the features of the Wundermap.  Much to my pleasure, Kristen informed me that not only has Weather Underground produced the app but it is fantastic, I couldn’t agree more.  It is available for free or for $1.99 without adds.  It is worth checking all the settings, it is very customizable and very functional.  I have included a link to the app for Android and will add the itunes link.  If you have an app or website you are particularly fond of please let us know below.



Weather Routing

In preparing for the 2014 Bell’s Beer Bayview Mackinac Race I came across this great article by Wally Cross of Quantum Sails.  Wally is a veteran of both Mackinac races.  Find the article here: Read Article

Here is a little history about the 90 year old race.  The inaugural race course was 235 statute miles (378 km) up the Michigan shore line south of Bois Blanc. Originally it was started at the same time as the Chicago Race to Mackinac with the yachts crossing the finish line from two different directions. In 1935, the course was lengthened to 290 miles (470 km) and required participants to round Cove Island Buoy just south of Canada’s Georgian Bay. Fog created confusion and the longer course was abandoned as dangerous and slow in 1936. In 1940 the race rounded the Six Fathoms Shoal buoy for that year only. The following year the race went back to shore course but left Bois Blanc to port. In 1972 the 290-mile (470 km) Cove Island course was restored. Twenty years later, participating yachts were divided into two separate fleets, with one heading east to round Cove Island and the other following the original shore course. After the Canadian government’s decision to decommission the Cove Island buoy in 2000, the longer course was replaced with the Southampton Course in which sailors are directed towardSouthamptonOntario and then to the finish line at Mackinac Island.