J Port Staff Continues its Winning Tradition


Charleston Race Week overall winners of the Palmetto Trophy went to the J/122 Teamwork, owned by Robin Team. The trophy is awarded to the boat with the best performance overall for the regatta. Members of the crew included the Chesapeake Boating Club’s President Kevin Ryman and Jeff Riedle, coach at J World Annapolis, who trimmed the main and headsails, respectively. This marked the fifth time Teamwork has received the Palmetto Trophy at Charleston Race Week.

Basic Piloting and Local Navigation Seminar

Have you ever run aground?  Never cruised to Cantlers for crabs?  Declined a raft-up invitation because you didn’t know how to access Lake Ogleton for the rendez-vous?  Could you successfully find your way back to the dock in dense fog?
If any of these apply to you, then you need this course!

Part of being safe on the water is knowing where you are, and how to get where you want safely and efficiently. J World’s Basic Piloting & Local Navigation course is a one-day, introductory seminar designed for any boater who wants more confidence in reading a chart, interpreting and using aides to navigation (buoys, daymarks, lights and ranges), plotting basic courses and taking a GPS or visual fix. The course is taught using local area charts of Annapolis Harbor and the nearby Chesapeake Bay.

2020 Season Dates:

March 21, 2020

Course tuition is $125.

For more information and to register, email us at info@jworldannapolis.com or call (410) 280-2040.

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