Battling Old Man Winter


J World Annapolis Winter Update

The winter months often bring dismay to many sailors across the country. Before becoming a full time sailing coach I can recall experiencing withdrawal and seasonal affective disorder between the months of  November and April. The lack of vitamin D, physical activity, and yachty karate can be unbearable at times. So what does J World Annapolis do all winter?



Frostbite racing, hosted by Annapolis Yacht Club, satiates our sailing cravings for November and early December. This year we had three teams participate on board our J80s. Each day started with a thorough discussion on the conditions, goals, and expectations. We would often find a few points to focus on while racing, usually based on lessons learned the week before. We would leave the dock, spend about an hour practicing before the first race, and gather our strategy for the start. The Frostbite series consists two races each Sunday. With a non-spinnaker format, point to point racing, and a warm lunch between races it offers a more laid back gate way into racing. By removing the often commanding boat handling required by the spinnaker it allows for more focus on down wind sailing angles, strategy, and tactics. For some this is a nice conclusion to the sailing season, for us it is just the start of a new one.

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