• Sailing Fundamentals

    Our beginner level courses are designed to insure you get off to a smooth start. First, you will be placed aboard with other students of similar skill and experience levels. Learn more

  • Introduction to Racing

    We will work on boathandling, sail trim and spinnaker handling during the first part of the week and then move on to starting and boat against boat speed and tactical drills. Learn more

  • U.S. Sailing Certifications

    Learning to sail is part dream, part great instruction, and part hands-on experience. All of these come together in the US Sailing Basic Keelboat Certification System. Learn more

Winter Racing Programs

Registration is now open for our winter racing programs. Call us at 410.280.2040 for more information.

Winter Seminar Schedule

Learning in our "Living Classroom"
Learning in our “Living Classroom”

Below you find the seminars we have scheduled for the winter.

J World Annapolis

Seminar Schedule for 2016-17

**click on the dates below for course details and registration

Sat/Sun Dec 3-4, 2016 Coastal Navigation

Sat/Sun Jan 14-15, 2017 Coastal Navigation

Saturday Feb 18-19, 2017 Coastal Navigation

Saturday Mar 4, 2017 Sail Trim & Balance

Saturday Mar 11-12, 2017 Coastal Navigation

Sat/Sun Mar 18 2017 Racing Rules Seminar

Knowing your location

I was listening to the VHF radio on channel 16 this morning and listening to all the boats in some form of distress (perceived and real.)  For most communications the US Coast Guard will switch folks over to Ch. 22A for the discussion portion as 16 is for hail and distress only.  Anyway, an interesting discussion took place on Ch. 22A this morning when a boater reported a “row boat” that was unmanned partially submerged in the vacinity of the Bay Bridge.  The US Coast Guard ultimately asked the good samaritan to give their position.  The position that they read off of their GPS was in degrees and decimal minutes.  Interestingly my IPhone gives GPS coordinates in several ways which can be a little confusion especially if you are trying to take GPS coordinates and apply them to a paper chart.  I am sure that the US Coast Guard is smart enough to sort out whatever coordinates you give, but if you are trying to take a GPS coordinate and put it on your paper chart you need to understand how to translate.

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